The first smart car park in Da Nang to charge from December 16, 2019

Da Nang City People’s Committee has just issued the price of car parking service at the city’s first smart parking lot at 255 Phan Chau Trinh (Hai Chau district).
Accordingly, the car parking service at the parking lot will be implemented: for 4-7-seat cars, the first hour will collect 15,000 VND/car/way; the second hour is 15,000 VND/car/way; the third hour is 20,000 VND/car/turn; Wednesday hour 20,000 VND/car/way; Thursday hour 25,000 VND/car/way, overnight deposit 120,000 VND/car.
For the monthly price, the car sent from 6am to 10pm collects 1,500,000 VND/car; after 10 p.m. to 6 p.m., collect 1 million VND/car; All day and night: 2 million VND/car.
This is the first smart parking lot in Da Nang city, designed in the form of a 6-storey steel block, with a scale of 50 car parking spaces for 4-7-seat vehicles, operating according to Japanese technology. , each car to the parking position only takes about 20 seconds.
Before that, in order for people to get used to the operation and put the car in and out of the parking lot, Da Nang city tested this parking lot for 3 months. Putting into operation smart parking lots contributes to reducing traffic jams, and at the same time gradually creates habits and attracts people to use parking services.

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